thanks for all kind words! -c

“It is surely done with a lot of passion for music.”
Georgi Angelov

“WOW… The new songs are incredible.. I see you guys only get better with time… let me know if the new cd is out.. I NEED IT!!!! Lots of Love and Music”
Nicki Nova

“Jazz fusion updated for the 21st century is what comes to mind when listening to Carl Eichman. For crossover-symphonic, easy-listening jazz that can be a very good thing indeed.”
C/Net Editor’s Pick & Review

“Great music! Lovely guitar playing, reminds me of Jeff Beck.”
Helge Kraybe

“Very nice material. Lots of genuine musicality, plus a liberal dash of complexity for interest, great lyrics (meaningful even!) intelligent vocals, and super guitar, bass, and synth work. All the right elements. I can hear all the influences. These are keepers.”
Steven Miller of Neon Egypt

“Desire Under Glass”-This fine jazz fusion track features exceptional instrumental talents of Carl Eichman, who has put together a damn fine arrangement. Take note of the guitar work that is reminiscent of the great Alan Holldsworth”
Phillip E. Hardy

“”Crooked Mile”-One of the finest jazz compositions we’veever heard! Awesome!!! Top notch musicianship and craftsmanship! We are deeply impressed!”

“Short Circuit Society” Very melodic guitar rock with a “march groove”. Carl Eichman is like no one else – impressive are the layered vocals in a psychedelic “Beatles style”, and electronic influences. A delight for progressive rock fans!”
BESONIC review

“What’s great about it is that it sounds like it’s organic,i.e., everyone is playing and interacting in the same room. Very impressive! I just ordered your Album from CD Baby.”
Chris Cosbey

“*I was knocked out by your writing and playing. The music always takes a nice unusual turn when you least expect it. Very interesting with lots of nice colors. Great, engaging music. Very best wishes, Don Harper”
Don Harper